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January 11, 2013 / Herbal Healer Academy

Three Benefits of Natural Medicine

The use of natural medicines has graduated from a fad to an active part of mainstream medicine strategies.

Many people now swear by natural medicine. “I have seen just about every incurable ailment helped with natural medicine,” says Marijah McCain, founder of Herbal Healer Academy. She started the Herbal Healer Academy with $50 in capital and now says she has consistently seen “miraculous” healings due to natural medicine.

Healings apart, natural medicines offers several tangible benefits. Three of them are listed below:

1. Reduce or eliminates side effects: Because they are derived from natural products or remedies commonly available in nature, natural medicines reduce and eliminate side effects that are fairly common in chemical-laden prescription drugs.
2. Reduce health care costs: Natural remedies can be found in simple, everyday materials. Plants and herbs used in cooking can be used to treat ailments. For example, basil is commonly used to fight stress and treat common colds. The net effect is decreased health expenditures.
3. Serve as preventive care: As outlined in the previous point, natural medicines use common plants and cooking herbs. Using such plants in everyday cooking constitutes a preventive and proactive strategy to health care.


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