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December 13, 2012 / Herbal Healer Academy

Three Books Concerning Natural Medicine

“The power of reading and studying books cannot be understated,” says Marijah McCain, founder of Herbal Healer Academy. She started Herbal Healer Academy after natural medicine helped cure her son’s severe gastro-intestinal problems. While there has been much hype surrounding natural medicine, most of us are still clueless about its origins and benefits.


McCain recommends the following books to get a feel for the strategies and benefits of natural medicine:

1. Homegrown Remedies Book by Anne McIntyre. This book helps you initiate a natural-medicine lifestyle. As its name denotes, this book teaches the art of growing remedies in one’s own backyard.
2. From Hell to Well: My Journey back from Multiple Sclerosis by Elaine Silverman. This poignant account details the author’s journey being crippled by a debilitating disease to a state of wellness she attributes to a healthy and toxic-free lifestyle.
3. 10 Essential Herbs by Lalitha Thomas. McCain says this is the essential handbook for herbs, that it takes guesswork out of the topic. It is written from a botanist’s perspective.



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