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October 17, 2012 / Herbal Healer Academy

Allopathic Medicine Defined

The term allopathic medicine is commonly used by homeopaths, herbalists, and other alternative medicine practitioners like Marijah McCain of Herbal Healer Academy to refer to conventional medical practices such as surgery, medication, and other physical treatments. Once used as a derogatory term, it is no longer intended in that way. Instead, it is used to differentiate between forms of medical practice.

The word “allopathic” is Greek in origin and was created in 1810 by Samuel Hahnemann, considered the father of homeopathic medicine. The term commonly refers to those medical practices stemming from the in-depth study of anatomy and physiology, however, practitioners of conventional medicine do not use this term to describe their work.

While allopathic medicine defines a wide range of medical practices in the Western tradition, many use the term “holistic medicine” to refer to alternatives to allopathic medicine, such as homeopathy, herbal medicine, and traditional Eastern medical practices like acupuncture. For more information about alternative medicines, especially herbal healing, contact Marijah McCain of the Herbal Healer Academy.


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