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September 28, 2012 / Herbal Healer Academy

Risks of Microwave Cooking

Presented by Herbal Healer Academy

Herbal Healer Academy, founded by Marijah McCain, provides numerous products to facilitate natural healing. In addition, the Herbal Healer Academy’s website features tools and advice to live a natural lifestyle.

Microwaves became commonplace in the United States during the 1970s. Nevertheless, many women from the older generation at that time distrusted them. Their children and grandchildren felt less wary and integrated the invention into their daily lives. But could there be something to the distrust that older cooks expressed?

Cooking food in a microwave changes the molecular structure of the food. Cells can become disfigured and take on unnatural shapes. People then ingest the oddly formed molecules, and their bodies change as a result.

In one study, participants consumed a variety of vegetables cooked using different methods, including microwaves. The researchers then took blood samples and analyzed their blood. The researchers’ findings showed those who ate foods heated using microwaves had different blood characteristics than those who ate items heated by other methods. In the blood of the volunteers who ate microwaved foods, the white blood cell count increased as did the cholesterol levels. Lymphocytes and hemoglobin decreased.


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